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With a cute face and a super attractive bust, Aika Yumeno often plays roles such as office ladies, nurses, or younger sisters-in-law; She is a relatively unknown actress because she doesn't have many films of her own, but if you pay attention, any movie poster featuring her is very captivating, anyone who sees her photo will want to click to find out more. In the movie above, VLXX briefly summarizes the main content: - With smooth white skin, a baby face, and a full figure, secretary Yumeno is always eyed by the men in the company, including the lecherous old boss. On a hot sunny day when the office air conditioning is broken, Yumeno looks tired and sweaty, at that moment, boss Tatsu approaches and offers to help, massaging the "prey" he has listed in his XXX list for a long time. He massages her shoulders and then moves straight to her stiffened breasts...; What happens next, please follow along.