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Although he is old and his wife passed away early, he rarely experiences the feeling of making love, so the father-in-law always has desires and cravings for his daughter-in-law. Many times he has taken the opportunity to secretly look at her private parts, even watching them when the couple are intimate. One day, when his son was away on a business trip and the weather was extremely hot, making his daughter-in-law uncomfortable and wanting to go outside, she happened to see him masturbating in his room.
MEYD-332 The
MEYD-332 The "hot" summer days of father-in-law and daughter-in-law
At that moment, her own arousal began to appear, and of course, he knew she was watching him. This was the premise for him to do something despicable to her the next day while she was sleeping. After that incident, it seems that both of them no longer feel embarrassed facing each other, and when they feel the need, they actively seduce each other to make love. It is a pity for the son to work hard to support the family while his wife cheats on him with his own father.